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Early-Bird Deadline: September 28, 2018
 Extended Deadline: November 30, 2018

Product Award Submission Materials

The product must have been released within 12 months prior to the award announcement date, or the product is planned to be released within the next 6 months after the awards announcement date. 

* - required field

  1. Product Name* - Exactly how you would like it displayed on all award materials (including the plaque if your nomination wins an award).
  2. Company Name* - Exactly how you would like it displayed on all award materials (including the plaque if your nomination wins an award).
  3. Company Website - (Format: www.example.com)
  4. MSRP - (US$) - Including MSRP will aid in the evaluation process. 
  5. Date this product began shipping- (Or is expected to ship)
  6. Company Logo - (Accepted file formats: png, gif, jpg, tif, esp, 300 DPI, <1 MB in size)
  7. Product Image* - (You can submit up to 4 images)
  8. Product Video
  9. Product Specification Sheet - (Accepted file format: .pdf, <1 MB in size)
  10. Product URL
  11. Promotional Description* (50 words) - A description that can be used to showcase the product online and in print.
  12. Product, Market, and Application* (300 words) - Describe the product, its market, and its application. Include information on the product's unique features, or significant changes in earlier engineering or installation standards. Describe the product's ability to communicate with different products and systems in the home. Is the product user-friendly with intuitive interfaces and system operation? 
  13. Benefits to Homeowner* (300 words) - Describe the distinctive benefits to the homeowner. Include information about the human interface and industrial design of the product and ease of use. Does it contribute significantly to an improved homeowners' lifestyle and enhance convenience? Does it provide the homeowner with operational savings such as lowering the cost of utility bills?
  14. Benefits to Integrator* (300 words) - Describe the distinctive benefits to the integrator. Describe the product's ease of installation, programming, implementation, diagnostics, integration, and estimated time to install. Does it provide easy interoperability with other vendor's systems and equipment? Does it help open up a new untapped market?

Example of a great submission

Please email moe@ehpub.com
(508) 663-1500 x235